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President Clinton admiring his copy of The Powers while visiting at Mark's home.


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"Thank you for writing The Powers! So many insightful nuggets that are helping me transform into the successful person I want to be! Elizabeth Harrison

In “The Powers” author Mark Erwin has harnessed the “wisdom of the ages” by telling the stories of some of the world's most interesting and successful people; while detailing the values and character traits that brought them success. This should be required reading for all students entering their senior year of high school!" John Dodd, President, Jesse Helms Center

"I just finished The Powers and wanted to let you know how encouraging it is. I will read it again and again. The chapter entitled The Power of Words spoke loudest to me. Thank you!" Mark Lehmann

"Mark Erwin is inspirational in person and more so in his book of wisdom garnered over his lifetime. I bought a copy for my grandson and wish I had read this when I was his age. If you follow his principles you can't help but be successful and a better person. Particularly wonderful for young people to read." R. Reynolds

"I found the section on mentors to be very interesting. In the book you mentioned that your grandfather made an impression on you, but he passed away before you were born...the same as mine. In spite of that, I've learned a great deal of things from him." Review

"Mark Erwin has shared the key powers that have made him successful, both financially and personally. He overcame adversity using these powers and clearly illustrates how others can enjoy more success and satisfaction. You cannot afford to not read his work!" Randy Coble

"Remarkable book reflecting the positive mind of the author and how to develop that same energy and mission. This is for the 1% of Doers, as he states, and maybe bring the Observers up to a new level of achievement. Mark Erwin is an outstanding servant to our society." R. Reiling

"Grab a pen and underline Mark Erwin's book THE POWERS and start NOW unleashing the extraordinary power you never knew you had.
The author shares with us the principles of the 12 powers he practiced and focused on to achieve his goal of becoming a millionaire by age 37 and a multimillionaire before age 50.
As each of these principles are explored you will probably recognize you have these same powers but have never really used them. THE POWERS inspires you to take a good look at yourself TODAY and start experiencing the passionate and fulfilling life you were meant to enjoy. M. Martin

"Easy read, good format, motivational and inspiring, and with key action points... I read it over a weekend when I usually don't take that kind of time for reading. And I read to the last page which I often do not so for me that is a strong recommendation in itself. This book motivated me to get back to a book project I dropped a year or so ago and for that I am very grateful to Mr. Erwin." J. DuBlois

"This is a great, easy-reading book that combines the lessons of some of the great authors, leaders, mentors combined with Mark Erwin's own experience and wisdom. It's a book you'll want to read with a highlighter. Read it and put it to work." Amazon Review

"I borrowed this book from my employer and literally could not put it down once I started reading it, It's a quick easy read, inspirational, motivational, and at times humorous. Loved his presidential quotes and others. His principles and suggestions for success in business and in life are powerful and sensible. I feel this is a great read especially for so many young people today who are struggling to find who they are and to help figure their purpose in life. I am ordering this book for my grandson." C. Labuda

To me the Powers lays out a very effective framework for creating a successful life and career. The author, Mark Erwin, has overcome some very challenging issues from his youth to become an enormous success in his personal life and his business career. The book draws from his personal experiences, the experiences of his mentors and the latest in behavioral science. It is insightful, well laid out, easy to read and understand and actionable. I couldn't put it down and finished it in one reading. My only regret is that I didn't have access to this information 30 years ago as it would have definitely changed my life for the better.
Art Ringwald